personal information

All sessions take place over Skype, please can you ensure that you allow 2 hours free, uninterrupted time for the first session together.
WHAT IS THE MAIN REASON FOR BOOKING A SESSION? This can be anything ~ physical, emotional. blocks to work, anything that is concerning you right now. There is nothing that you might think is too small, irrelevant or unimportant to be looked at. Sessions with me are a safe space and confidentially is always upheld*
Have you worked with any other practitioners for the same wellness concern? If yes, please can you give a brief description of what you have tried / done.
Are you happy for me to connect with your energy prior to the session starting? This helps me to get a deeper understanding of what's going on for you right now.
The body communicates via physical symptoms / illness / accidents. Please can you give a history FROM BIRTH UNTIL TODAY any of the following Childhood illnesses ~ eg; chicken pox / measles etc Recurring illnesses / symptoms ~ eg; tonsillitis / digestive issues / ear infections (nothing is trivial it all counts especially if you experienced it more than once) Accidents / Operations Mental Health issues This is an important component of our session so please can you complete as much as possible.
Is there any history of cancer, heart disease, autoimmune conditions ~ arthritis / lupus / MS etc
What do you do for work?
Are you doing work that you love / that lights you up?
What would feel like the perfect outcome for you working together with me?