The body series . part two

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NOTE: Whilst it's important to develop a connection to your body and listen to the messages it's giving you, please never replace it for seeking out professional medical advice. 


In part one I introduced The Body Series and the masculine and feminine sides of the body, if you missed it you can read it here 

In this post I want to touch upon WHAT it is you're experiencing, whether it's pain, inflammation, an infection, cuts... everything is giving you valuable information, even the smallest thing.

Grab a journal and make notes on whatever comes up for you.





It is said that wherever you find pain you often find resistance.

Yes, pain can be a result of carrying a heavy load or an accident but the language of the body often asks us to look at a bigger picture, the feeling, the situation, the more subtle nuances. Resisting anything only continues, including pain. 

Pain is often an indicator that we're holding on tight to something. Resisting letting go of a belief, thought, behaviour, person or circumstance. Let's be honest, the first thing many of us do when we experience pain is reach for painkillers, it often gives relief but it's only ever temporary. The pain will often continue or reappear in a different place to try and get your attention. 

So what if you gave it your attention? As crazy as it may sound acknowledgment is essential. Some things you may want to consider if you're experiencing acute or chronic pain;

  • Is there someone or something you're holding on to?
  • Are you feeling resentful? guilty?
  • Are you holding on to feelings of shame or revenge?
  • Do you find it difficult to ask for help?
  • Is there any part of you that feels deeply hurt?



When you think of inflammation, it's often red, hot to touch and is associated with anger. The image of what you are physically experiencing is very often the same internal feeling. So keeping that in mind;

  • Are you feeling angry or irritated about something?
  • Are you struggling / conflicted between your own beliefs and someone else's?
  • Has something got you 'fired up'?
  • Are you struggling between what you find acceptable and what isn't but can't express it fully?



  • Are you giving your power away to someone else / other people?
  • Are you suppressing deep emotions?
  • Is there someone in your life detrimentally affecting you to the point where you feel unable to defend yourself?
  • Do you feel like you're stuck in a negative situation that you can't move out of?

If you would like some support to tap into your body's messages or a session to empower you to navigate to your own wellness path, I look forward to connecting with you.