natural perfume . A Conscious Edit


I think perfume is the last thing to be replaced in any bathroom when you transition to natural products. It took me a while to leave behind beloved scents that I’d attached beautiful memories to. The Philosykos and Zadig and Voltaire I’d become quite fond of in my early thirties started to give me headaches when I transitioned my bathroom to nothing but natural. The body always knows…

Scent is powerful, it can calm us, take us back to childhood memories, joyful occasions and even invite an aura of confidence within us when placed on wrists and behind our ears. It has taken me a while to really fall in love with a natural scent, I’ll be honest it seemed like finding one was hard work. They either fell into the category of ~ smelling like a old health food shop, beautiful scent / ugly packaging and incredibly expensive or beautiful packaging / over powering scent. So when Esme told me that one of her beautiful minimal offerings was going to be a perfume I was excited to try it.

I’ve taken a while to wear it consistently so that I can share a genuine honest opinion with you.

The perfume oils are made in small batches in the UK from organic oils and essential oils, placed in amber bottles which protect the oils naturally, increasing shelf life without the need for chemicals or preservatives.

What I’ve found beautifully surprising wearing the ‘Space’ perfume oil is that I’ve noticed myself taking moments every so often throughout the day to stop what I’m doing and to deeply inhale the scent on my wrist. Moments of checking in with myself and inhaling the medicine that I know isn’t harmful to my body.

In fact it’s incredibly therapeutic, the blend ‘Space’ is a combination of cold pressed oil and ethically harvested essential oils with Vetiver as one of the top notes. Vetiver is an earthy, grounding scent that can help calm, stabilise and soothe the nervous system.

Normally I’m not a fan of wearing essential oils but these are different. Esme has a real gift for combining oils that smell absolutely incredible, even better that she has an aesthetic I adore!

Each bottle has it’s own piece of clear quartz added for purification of your aura and extra nourishing support. It also comes in a natural cotton bag that can be used to keep the perfume in or as waste free packaging when you’re shopping.

The perfume oil is made in small batches in Hackney UK with so much integrity and love. You can see the whole range here.