Minimal Hair Adornments


I’ve been looking for so long for a beautiful hair accessory to replace hair bands that I’ve been using for, well…pretty much forever. Hair accessories aren’t something high on the list of priorities when it comes to plastic free or zero waste but think back to how many hair bands you’ve used over time and where they all are now. I know for me it’s A LOT and that’s a lot of rubber / plastic that isn’t earth friendly.

My hair is incredibly thick (when I say that I mean I’ve found bobby pins in their days after I thought I’d taken them all out) so it hasn’t been an easy feat to find something that will hold it all day. I’ve tried ribbons and silk hair ties but they don’t hold more than a few minutes before they slide out. The barrettes I’ve found often aren’t wide enough to fasten through the thickness or they are poorly and cheaply made.

That was until I stumbled upon these beautifully simple and timeless hair pins and circles designed and handcrafted by independent designer Clare Elizabeth Kilgour, the large pin is absolutely perfect for a simple and stylish way to wear your hair up or half up. Each pin and hoop is made individually from recycled brass and having tested it rigorously I can safely say I can ditch the hair bands for good. You can find Clare and her beautiful hair accessories and jewellery here


Middle photo Credit: Top and Bottom ~ Clare Elizabeth Kilgour / Model @yokethesalon