My 'why'


This month I'll be celebrating my 38th turn around the sun. I've been reflecting on the past few years which have been some of the most intense I've experienced in terms of growth. Shedding layer after layer and stripping my life back to the absolute bare bones. There are two things that I keep coming back to time and time again. The first is that I can't say I ever know anything for sure as we and everything around us is constantly shedding, growing and evolving. The second is that we really do have the answers within us. I'm aware of how cliché that sounds but it's what I've found to be true from personal experience and working with other people.

Prior to doing this work, I spent a crazy amount of time searching externally. Desperately looking to other people to give me answers. I was sick, tired, disconnected and unable to find joy in the things other people easily could and I wanted to know the reasons why I was feeling this way, worst still I wanted someone to 'fix' me (FYI, I didn't need fixing, neither do you, you're not broken). Growing up I was taught that other people had the answers, the teachers, the doctors, the academics. That they had all the power and I, well that meant I was powerless and that false belief only kept me going around in circles for years. If that sounds and feels familiar I guarantee you're not alone. We're also fed this belief by the wellness world too, the books, the products all promising solutions and quick fixes. 

The more I searched externally the more frustrated I felt. I kept asking for help but it was in all the wrong places and with the wrong people, what I didn't realise at the time was that the body listens and so does the universe. I got the answers I was looking for but not in a way I could have anticipated. The universe always conspires to support us but it doesn't always look or feel at the time like support, in fact it looks and feels everything like chaos. 

Every single relationship I had fell apart, my marriage, my family and friends. That left just me...literally, it was both utterly terrifying and completely liberating (only that part came much later). It was the universes way of telling me that everything (beliefs about myself, about name it) had all been built on inauthenticity and it was time for drastic change. 

It was just me so there was no other option but to go within. The universes way of saying ' you want answers? Well listen to the person who has them... YOU'. Removing every single person and thing felt a little drastic but it certainly got my attention.

I had been so consumed with listening to everyone else's opinion about how to be well and how I should live my life that I never ever listened to myself but during that time of having no one around I had no choice but to start. 

I became adept at reading external messages. I guess you could call it messages of support from the universe which in turn always pointed me to the right books, people and places. I'd seek out treatments only for the therapist to tell me something that I had a niggling feeling my body had been trying to tell me for a while. As I was walking out of a treatment one afternoon I had a memory pop into my mind, as a child whenever I visited the doctors (and that was frequently) he would often ask for me to stick out my tongue. MY tongue was showing him information, he was reading it so if he could do it than why couldn't I? and if my tongue was giving information, what other parts of my body were doing the same?

As it turns out all of them.

                                                                                     Art by Words of Women

                                                                                     Art by Words of Women


Learning the language and listening to my body has been the most empowering thing I've ever done for myself. We have been sold the belief that we are powerless when it comes to our wellness. We're not.

We've lost trust in our own internal compass with the noise of everyone else's opinion and with that we've become disempowered. Under no circumstance am I saying don't visit a medical professional, I'm very much an advocate for seeking out support but what I do want to encourage people to do is to stop giving away the power of their own wellness to other people. 

We are so much more powerful in terms of being guided back to a state of wellness than we know and I truly believe that if we all started to listen to and act on our own unique messages, we would be healthier, more content and living lives that make us excited to get out of bed each day for. That's what I want for each and everyone.

This is why I'm so passionate about teaching you HOW to listen to what your body is saying, to share what I've learnt and to support you as you find the path that works for you.

If you would like support in doing this, I'll be opening up sessions soon. I'll be offering the first few sessions via newsletter so if you haven't signed up you can stay in the loop here...