notes #4 . fun

Don’t be afraid of the fire, just don’t stay in it so long that you stop living and having fun

Changing habits, deconditioning, reprogramming, processing emotions - in other words 'the work' can be very heavy lifting and feel anything but enjoyable. Yes, it is important and incredibly rewarding but it can also be consuming. It is heavy stuff so it's important to surround it with lightness and fun. I'm sharing this not because I have it figured out but because I've always believed for numerous reasons that 'fun' never really came easy to me (hello shadow), that life had been so hard and serious for so long that I'd forgotten what 'fun' looked like.

The truth is we can make most heavy stuff feel lighter by changing our perception of it injecting some lightness into each moment. Do more of whatever makes you happiest, laugh hardest and smile lots then repeat. However it looks to you, be unapologetic about what that is and how you include it in your life.