notes #3 . wellness



The misconception is that wellness costs money, it doesn't.    

Wellness doesn't ask for anything but your time and commitment.

It asks you to look beyond food and to tap into what nourishes you.

It asks you to come back to yourself, each moment of the day,

And to ask yourself, does this really feel good to me? 

It asks you to remember that your path is unique to you,

and that YOU are your own authority.

Let go of what you think it looks like and what other people are doing,

it's not a race or a destination.

It's doesn't always look pretty but it's beautiful because it's yours, so remind yourself daily.

It's not what you see but how you feel that matters.

It's a practice and even though we have our own journey we're all in it together

So let's support each other where we're at.