The body series - digestion


If there's one familiar thread I see over and over in practice it's that issues with digestion are some of the most commonly experienced. From constipation and IBS to inflammatory disorders and parasites (you might think eww but they're more common than you think). Digestion encompasses everything from the mouth, oesophagus, stomach to the pancreas and intestines. It's what I like to think of as the central system in the body. It's also the area of the Solar Plexus chakra, the chakra often referred to as the 'power centre'. I'll explain a little more below why this is important.

Everything we eat, drink and take in from our external environment (people, words, experiences, thoughts, feelings) gets 'digested' here, it's all about how we process these things. Because the digestive issues are many and varied I'll focus on the most common ones - constipation, bloating, gas, diarrhoea and heart burn. 

Sometimes we like to think that these messages from the body are somehow cryptic and difficult to understand and on occasion it may seem like that but it's often easier than we think. 

Digestion is the process of breaking down, absorbing and eliminating, so in terms of what that might mean in 'body' language it's often about taking in, filtering, using and soaking up information in our environment and letting go of what's not beneficial for our nourishment and growth.

The commonly experienced symptoms above are mostly toxins, waste matter to be eliminated. If you're experiencing bloating, constipation or gas, simply put, you're holding on to something you need to let go of. Its causing you pain / discomfort because it's not serving your best interests.

Maybe you already know what that is, may be it's a combination of things? It could be a belief, unhealthy relationships, a job / career you're less than happy in, a pattern or behaviour...

 Q's. to ask yourself / The messages

What am I finding hard to let go of?

Am I refusing to make changes or decisions where I know I need to?

Where am I trying to control things?

Am I constantly worrying about the future?

Am I holding back on what I really feel?

Let that sh*t go...

On the opposite scale things might be passing through way too quickly. It may be that you're feeing like things are a little out of control and that you have no power over what's occurring.

Things to look at;

Has something happened in your life that's left you feeling powerless? Or left you doubting your ability to make empowered decisions?

Are you feeling resentment or blame towards someone?

Is there something or someone in your life that has triggered feelings of confusion, helplessness or insecurity?

what has burnt your heart?

When it comes to heartburn it can be translated literally as what / who has hurt your heart? Burning can be associated with any heated emotions - anger, rage, fear, hate or guilt. If you experience heartburn think about what or who has got you burning up inside? Are your thoughts focused towards revenge? What are you finding difficult to digest? (ie; redundancy, a relationship loss, disagreements with someone)

I mentioned briefly about the solar plexus chakra and digestion but it's such an integral part in what the body is communicating to you.

It's more uncommon to see people doing things and NOT looking for or asking approval from others. As this centre is the source of personal power it is constantly being weakened by giving away our power to other people and situations or by being connected to things that drain our energy. The times you wanted to say 'no' but said 'yes', people pleasing and lacking boundaries are just a few of the ways we can lose our power. This impacts our solar plexus and in turn our digestive system. Strengthening your digestion is more than the foods you eat or the probiotics you take. 

By looking at what's coming up for you, it's easier to pin point and address the particular tools and support needed. If you would like some support to tap into your body's messages or a session to empower you with tools to navigate your own wellness path, I look forward to connecting with you