The body series . throat

The area of communication and self expression.

It’s not uncommon to develop a sore throat or cough when you are supressing or not saying what you REALLY want to say. Do you notice how before something important is said the person speaking will often drink water or cough gently to ‘clear their throat’.

The throat is how you express yourself authentically and individually in the world. It governs the ability to express your needs and desires, open and honest communication, creativity and self determination.

When physical illness occurs like sore throats / Hypothyroidism / strep throat / Glandular fever (mono) / Tonsillitis / Laryngitis or coughs think about what you are finding hard to communicate and express and to who?

Issues with my throat plagued me in my childhood and adolescence, the Dr’s wanted to remove my tonsils on several occasions but despite constant inflammation and pain I was quite fond of keeping them. It was no surprise that it was a recurring issue for me, my home life was less than ideal. I was told my thoughts weren’t important so I started to believe it along with believing no one would want to hear what I had to say and voila, it manifested every few months as tonsillitis and eventually glandular fever ( body talk ~ worn out, disheartened, unable to communicate and say what you want, allowing other people to push you around and drain your energy. I can confirm that these were all true for me at the time)

If you are experiencing any issues connected to your throat it might be an idea to see if any of these resonate. Remember it’s not about beating yourself up if any of these feel familiar, acknowledging that there is a potential connection is the first huge and most important part of reconnecting with this. The body really does know, even if we’re not so sure.

Self enquiry

What am I holding back / finding hard to say?

What am I feeling frustrated, angry or stressed about?

Do I feel like I won’t be accepted if I share what I really think?

Where am I self sabotaging?

Am I underestimating my abilities and supressing my creativity and joy because I don’t think I’m good enough?

Am I doubting myself and having difficulty trusting?


Make noise ~

anything that makes you feel good and unblocks some of the resistance you’re experiencing. Sing along to whatever inspires you, yell, scream into a pillow, read a page or two of your favourite book out loud. The frequency of 384 Hz corresponds with the throat chakra is helpful for clearing resistance.

If you would like some support to tap into your body's messages or a session to empower you with tools to navigate your own wellness path, I look forward to connecting with you