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I wholeheartedly believe that when you reconnect with yourself you THRive.

I’m a facilitator for change, nurturer and cheerleader for you, your visions and inner growth.

In a world where we have been taught that everyone else has the answers feeling lost or unsatisfied is common. I know you can feel it, I felt it too.

For so long I’d always felt like the odd one out, the black sheep, I didn’t belong no matter how much I tried. The beauty of it was that I wasn’t meant to and if you’re reading this, chances are that you’re not meant to either.

YOU have a feeling or ‘knowing’ that YOU’RE HERE TO DO SOMETHING MORE than what you’ve been told BUT YOU JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS… {yet}

The pressure between what we feel deep down we are drawn to and long to do, be and feel v’s what we feel we ‘should’ do is probably pulling you into very different directions.


You want things to be and feel different but you feel confused as to where to even start. I understand, I’ve been there. What drives me is taking what I've learnt on my journey through lots of trial and error (I’m a 3/5 profile in human design) and by sharing what has worked so that I can help initiate positive change for you.


The sessions I have created evolved naturally from my personal and academic experience so far*. Sessions are completely unique as they are centred around your area of focus / your specific intention/s meaning no session will be the same. You will always get 110% of my energy and focus.

what happens in a session?

Prior to the session you will be directed to complete a client form, which gives me some insight into how I may be able to support you. I use a variety of tools that help to identify the root blocks of what may be keeping you stuck, some of which include:

Using the language of the body to identify any recurring themes and patterns of beliefs.

Tapping into your energetic field to read what’s in your current space and how this is currently impacting you.

The sessions are your space, so each one is tailored completely to you. All sessions take place over Skype or Zoom.

The time is yours to invite discussion and exploration on anything that you would like to give attention to. Insights that come up will be shared and any suggestions of practices that I feel will support you to move forwards will be an invitation to include in your daily practices. Nothing is prescriptive because in order for real change to occur it has to feel good or at least uncomfortably comfortable.

Moving through change can be challenging, I created this offering so that you feel empowered and confident in moving through them to get on the path that feels true for you.


The work for you starts when the session ends so it’s important for me that you feel supported. A recording of the session OR if you are more visual, then a PDF write up of the most important things that came up in the session will be sent to you. The PDF can take up to 48 hours to be done and sent to you so please keep this in mind.

Post session, I will make check in’s to encourage you on your journey and support you through moments that may feel challenging, this can be done via email or social media.

Are these sessions for me?


W hole self support ~

You feel like your fighting against the current and like everything is an uphill battle {Going against your natural flow often shows itself in frustration, persistent or recurring health issues}

Physical ~ Nutritional / Plant / Energetic support ~

You have health issues that won’t go away, you’ve tried so many different things but don’t seem to be able to get to the root cause.

Spiritual support ~

You’ve just started on your spiritual journey and would like some grounded support and guidance.

Emotional support ~

Encouragement / support / sound boarding to move through a challenging situation.

Creative support ~

You have ideas or a creative project you would like to get off the ground and you would like some creative guidance or direction.

I feel called to work with you ~

Sometimes we don’t have a specific thing in mind until we are given the time, space and permission for it to come to the surface. I’ve worked with people who don’t know what kind of support they would like just that how I work resonates with them.

There is no topic that is irrelevant so please contact with me if you feel like you would like to work together. If I don’t feel like I am the best person to support you, I will do my best to recommend someone more suited.



Your support has been incredible, I wouldn’t have been able to navigate this without you holding such a safe and beautiful space for me. I can’t thank you enough!
— M.O
I want to write you a glowing testimonial but am having trouble succinctly communicating such a profound and deep life shift. It’s not a few surface tips to ‘help’ and it is not a stressful yard stick to measure myself feels joyful, balanced, deeply satisfying, clearing, supportive, funny, a journey...
I found your insights hilarious and beyond sensitive, and your write up beautiful, inspiring and calming.
Honestly Clare, just WOW. I’m so grateful for finding you, and beyond grateful you share such a gift
— E.M
You have made me feel so incredibly validated, strong, encouraged and inspired. I cannot thank you enough! The experience and support you’ve given me is 100% unlike anything I have encountered before. I truly feel inspired and encouraged...
— T.A





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follow up session*


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*Academic / educational background ~ Degree in Nursing { Manchester UK } / Art Studies { Liverpool UK } / Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma { 3 year study College of Naturopathic Medicine } / Functional Diagnostic Testing / School of the Modern Mystic ~ Chakra studies / Intuitive Plant Medicine { currently ongoing }

All sales for sessions are final and non refundable.