~ Elizabeth Carter . Honest Rituals

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Candles hold a special place for me and no day goes by where I don’t have one or many lit, they are always a beautiful reminder and invitation to go within, to remind myself of my own inner light.

Truthfully it has taken me longer than I would like to admit to stopping the bad habit of burning bulk store bought tealights. With all things in life it’s the quality not quantity of items we choose to buy and use with intention that make a difference to our wellbeing.

As someone who has a deep love of candles, I just had to share the beautiful work of Elizabeth and her business ‘Honest Rituals’ .

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Can you share a little of your story? When did your love of beeswax and making candles start?

It started at a very young age. I remember my grandmother would burn beeswax candles at night time in her little hippy shack in Santa Cruz. They would emit the most beautiful glow. She would always accompany the evening with a herbal tea blend and it just set the ambiance and that always stuck with me. She also had a bee colony that has nested in the walls of her home. So you would hear this low hum when you pressed your ears to the wall. It was something magical.

It sounds so beautiful! Do you remember the first beeswax candle you ever made?

I started hand pouring beeswax candles about 3 years ago. I wanted to create them for my own use. I bought my first block of raw beeswax from my local farmers market, that same night I poured my first pure beeswax candle. After the wax had cured I pulled it from the mould and it looked so beautiful! And it smelt so so good! The scent of raw beeswax is euphoric. After that I was hooked.

Where did you learn how to make them and can you share a little of your process, I imagine it’s quite therapeutic!

I taught myself the process with a bit tips I picked up from other candle makers. Pouring beeswax candles is an ancient ritual that has been around for hundreds of years. I will never stop learning and every time I pour a candle I feel that I am tapping into and channelling the ancestral knowledge surrounding this practice. When I start the process, I make sure my energy is level and that I have a pure intention with each batch. I never want to make them feeling rushed. Each time I pour I pray that each candle will fill your space with peace and serenity. Ever since I started making beeswax candles, honeybees visit me. They land on me while I’m taking a walks, and give me their honey bee blessing.

What was / is your driving force and desire to share your love of candles, more specifically beeswax instead of coconut or soy?

The energy that drives me to create Pure Beeswax candles is to provide a clean and safe candle to burn in your space. I could go on for hours about the harmful affects of burning soy and paraffin candles but I’ll sum
It up. Soy and paraffin wax are not clean waxes to burn. Paraffin is a by product of petroleum. It’s the sludge that is left over after everything “useful” has been taken out. To make paraffin smell ‘good’ they add synthetic fragrance and dye the colour using toxic dyes.
Soy wax is not a natural occurring wax either. It is the by product of a soy bean after being processed and it usually has small amounts of paraffin in it. It is dyed white using harmful ingredients and then filled with synthetic fragrance that pollute the air when burned.

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Most people aren’t aware that the light / glow emitted from a beeswax candle is on the same light spectrum of the sun and that the beeswax has it’s own powerful vibration that resonate on the same frequency as the human brain.

Can you share any other wisdom from your knowledge of working with such a beautiful gift from nature?

Beeswax candles are a source of pure love energy. The honeybees that harvest the pollen are all female. They are not allowed to mate so they get their love from pollinating the flowers. They are making love to the flowers when they spread the pollen form one plant to the next. And when they bring that pollen back to the hive it is transformed into honey and beeswax.
When you might burn your beeswax candle you are releasing that love energy. The flame emitted from a pure beeswax candle is considered red light, incredibly therapeutic to look at. Beeswax also emits negative ions when burned, eliminating pollution in your space. You know it’s pretty magical how beeswax has all these beautiful health benefits. When we try and manufacturer and create synthetic forms of the original substance, it’s never as good and usually harmful to us and our environment.

Where did the name ‘Honest Rituals’ come from?

I was playing around with words that meant something special to me. I had written rituals down and was pairing it with some different words but none of them sounded right. So I fell asleep thinking about the potential name and when I awoke I had honest rituals on the tip of my tongue and knew that was it. I chose rituals because in this era I feel we are so disconnected from our ancestral rituals and I want to incorporate rituals in our everyday moments. A ritual can be as simple as lighting a candle with intention.

Apart from lighting your beautiful candles, what’s the one ritual / daily practice you go back to time and again to help you connect back to / nourish yourself?

Making tea is a daily ritual for me. And taking walks. Long walks in nature are very therapeutic for me. I like to observe my thoughts during that time and navigate what thoughts are mine and which ones aren’t. Also if I’m wanting to create something new, it’s a time for me to use my brain as the drawing board and play around with ideas. Doing this while being in nature has a very inspiration aspect.

What’s the biggest block / challenge you’ve had to navigate to get to where you are now? What was the ‘gold’ you found in that experience / the wisdom you received?

My biggest block is myself and the lies that creep in my head that aren’t true but are programming I’ve picked up throughout the years. When I get amazing ideas and inspiration, I won’t always act on it. And that is something I am navigating and trying to figure out why I do that. The best thing that I have found out to help with this is to act on it right then and there and to not second guess my intuition. I’ve learned to not be so serious with my business and to relax and have it be playful. I’ve had to redefine what success means for me. Success for me can be as simple as finally perfecting the right temperature to pour my wax at, or for myself, learning to not get overwhelmed when I get a big order and to relax and enjoy every aspect of navigating a business.

What inspires you and fills your heart?

There is so much that can fill my heart. It can be a flower I’ve noticed on my walk or a bird singing a sweet melody in the trees. The smell of pancakes cooking or a new tea infusion I’ve created.

Where can people find your beautiful candles?

You can find them on Instagram @honest.rituals I am working on a website so that will be up and running soonish... Or if you’re in the San Diego region I have them in a number of boutiques and yoga studios.

Sun / rising sign

My sun and rising sign is Gemini.

Predominant love language

My love languages that I’ve discovered so far are words of affirmation and gifts— I love getting presents!

Words or phrase you live by

Phrases to live by... hmm that’s a loaded question. Right now for me it’s that everything has a season and you’re not always blooming and that’s okay. Your season will come. Be content in each phase.