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Sitting with Sisters’ has been a seed in my mind for a while.

I've always been a lone wolf and whilst I have no problems connecting to nature and the unseen, I have known that part of my life’s purpose is to cultivate deep connections with people, women especially.

Like many of us, life has given me the gift of understanding disconnection in the forms of fragmented relationships, family estrangement, loss and marriage separation. It has given me an acute perspective on just how many women walk through life feeling alone and isolated craving connection. In truth the disconnection is just an illusion albeit one that has the potential to ache deeply at times.

There is a thread connecting us all ~ Our stories are familiar but different and ultimately unique to us but we can all agree that in these stories and experiences that there is strength in words ~ grace in ritual and courage in obstacles.

These threads have been broken and tangled which has left us as women and sisters feeling alone, disconnected and isolated. We all struggle at times, we are all finding our way and we all need support. I’m not telling you anything new but knowing all of that, we have been left feeling that to say so, is defeat and to express is to overshare. Which means that we do neither, which isn’t a healthy way to live.

My intention is to share the stories, rituals, dreams, fears, gifts and wisdom of the women who inspire me daily. Who weave beauty and magic in the world, showing up being themselves offering their unique gifts.

Sharing stories, experience and offerings so that we can reconnect to each other in the understanding that we are all beautiful in our humanness. We succeed, we fail, we struggle, we love deeply, laugh, cry and navigate dark spaces emerging with gold to share with others.


Photography Credit . Larissa Hoffman  @larryhoffman

Photography Credit . Larissa Hoffman


Image credit . unknown

Image credit . unknown

Sitting with Sisters is a two part project.



A series of heart centred conversations, connecting and supporting incredible women as we walk this path together.

in person events

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